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  • Who are you?


I am from the South-East of France, and I have been living in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.


  • Where does this passion for photography come from?


As a child, my sensitivity to visual arts was born from the paintings I saw. Then, just like everyone, I found myself wanting to take a picture, so that I wouldn't forget.


And then, as people do, I came to the point where I wanted to take a picture, not to forget anything.


(Freezing a moment!? But why? Lest we forget?)

From this day on, I understood that this tool would be the best way to express my vision of the world.


That’s how I began, first by capturing scenes from everyday life...


  • What is the meaning to your approach?


Photography is a way to glorify a moment - unique and yet visible by all, revealed by natural or artificial light.


Technology reminds us that photography does not exist, it is only a technique allowing the creation of an image by the action of light.


My artistic mind is always trying to absorb the light reflected by the subject, just like a film absorbs light to suspend time and emotion.


Photography is a light-free medium which every photon is going to colourise with more or less intensity. Without light, photography is nothing and without technique, subject or authorial intent, it is meaningless. 


  • What about photography and dance?


This encounter has given me the opportunity to blend streets, unusual places, beauty, movement and lines together, while playing with both natural and artificial lights. This combination allowed me thus to reveal an expression, an emotion and a certain kind of poetry on every picture. 


(Can a photograph reproduce movement? Not really…)


In my view dancers are physical actors, somehow as Charlie Chaplin in his time. They say things 


without saying a word. Working with these artists allowed me to add vocabulary to my photographs. 


And I hope I will learn more.


· And portraits?


We often have the opportunity to find ancient black and white portraits in which the representation of people is not very flattering.


That’s why I chose to reinterpret portrait in my own way by doing my best to freeze a spark, an intense feature of the model’s character.


  • A word to conclude?


Photography is an artistic vision of life...


I enjoy Ansel Adams’ quote: « You don't take a photograph, you make it. »

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